I am Learning

Below you will find a link so you can log on and do your homework. You will also find our league tables for the pupils who have logged on the most that week and the table for the class that has logged on the most that month. This page will be updated every Friday with the weekly results and every month with the class time updates. Certificates will be given out in the weekly Monday assembly.

I am Learning


Weekly results - Week ending Friday 17th May

1st - Oliver James Brindley  - 1 hour 31 minutes

2nd - Jake Reaney - 40 minutes

3rd -  Matar Lo -  28 minutes


Monthly results - April 2021
1st - 5B - 6h 53m
2nd - 4T - 5h 41m
3rd - 5H - 4h 21m
4th -  4G - 3h 48m
5th - 3G - 1h 47m