Staff List 2019/20


Head Teacher: Mr I Linsdell

Assistant Head teachers:

Mrs Ray, Mrs Latimer and Mrs Williams

TLR 2 Management Team

Miss McDonald (TLR2 year 1 and 2)

Miss Grundy (TLR2 year 3 and 4)

Mrs Frost (TLR2 year 5 and 6)

Mr Taylor (TLR2 Assessment)

Foundation Stage

Department Leader: Mrs Williams

Foundation stage team:


Mrs Kearns, Miss Ola, Miss Qureshi, Miss Doyle, Mrs Mason and Miss Lewis

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Robinson-Turner, Mrs Boucher, Mrs Latham, Mrs Read, Mrs Macgregor and Miss Potts

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Team:


Mrs Clarke and Mrs Dryden

Teaching Assistants:

 Mrs Yeoman and Miss Knight

Year 2 Team:


 Miss McDonald and Mrs Greenhalgh

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rodger and Miss Malone

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Team:


Miss Grundy and Mr Newall

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Storie, Mrs O'Donnell and Mrs Entwistle

Year 4 Team:


Mr Taylor, Miss Patel AND Mx Guerriero

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Spence and Miss Harford

Year 5 Team:


Mr Burns and Mrs Horton

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Davis and Mrs Norgan 

Year 6 Team:


Miss Roberts and Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Leigh and Mrs Entwistle

Inclusion team:

Department leader: Mrs Ray

Inclusion and Pastoral Staff:

Mrs Ray (SEND/DSL), Ms Barnes (Learning mentor/PSHE/Attendance), Mrs Entwistle (Special Support Assistant), Mrs Mason (EYFS SEND) , Miss Walker (TA4)

Admin Team:

Office Manager - Mrs Hutchings

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Hewitt

Sports Coach:

Mr Karwowska

Premises Team:

Site Manager:

Mr Lawlor

Assistant Caretaker

Mr Barker

Premises Staff:

Mrs Redfearn, Mrs Ahmed and Miss Baillie 

Lunchtime Team:

Miss Lancake, Mrs Ball, Mrs France, Mrs Nichol, Mrs Lawson, Mrs Chesters,  Miss Dean,  Mrs Ely, Mrs Seabright, Miss Wood, Miss Baillie, Miss Walmsley and Miss Reah

Kids Club Team:

Miss Lancake, Mrs Norgan, Miss Malone, Mrs France, Mrs Chesters, Mrs Seabright, Mrs White and Miss Fazackerley