Staff List 2019/20


Head Teacher: Mr I Linsdell

Assistant Head teachers:

Mrs Ray, Mrs Latimer and Mrs Williams

TLR 2 Management Team

Miss McDonald (TLR2 year 1 and 2)

Miss Grundy (TLR2 year 3 and 4)

Mrs Frost (TLR2 year 5 and 6)

Mr Taylor (TLR2 Assessment)

Foundation Stage

Department Leader: Mrs Williams

Foundation stage team:


Mrs Kearns, Miss Ola, Miss Qureshi, Miss Doyle, Mrs Mason and Miss Lewis

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Robinson-Turner, Mrs Boucher, Mrs Latham, Mrs Read, Mrs Macgregor and Miss Potts

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Team:


Mrs Clarke and Miss Bridge

Teaching Assistants:

 Mrs Yeoman and Miss Knight

Year 2 Team:


Miss Patel and Mrs Greenhalgh

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rodger and Miss Malone

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Team:


Miss Grundy and Mrs Frost

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Storie, Mrs O'Donnell and Miss Linsdell

Year 4 Team:


Mr Taylor and Mx Guerriero

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Spence and Miss Harford

Year 5 Team:


Mr Burns and Mrs Horton

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Davis, Mrs Norgan and Mrs Leigh

Year 6 Team:


Miss Roberts and Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Entwistle and Mrs Banner

Inclusion team:

Department leader: Mrs Ray

Inclusion and Pastoral Staff:

Mrs Ray (SEND/DSL), Ms Barnes (Learning mentor/PSHE/Attendance), Mrs Entwistle (Special Support Assistant), Mrs Mason (EYFS SEND) , Miss Walker (TA4)

Admin Team:

Office Manager - Mrs Hutchings

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Hewitt

Sports Coach:

Mr Karwowska

Premises Team:

Site Manager:

Mr Lawlor

Assistant Caretaker

Mr Barker

Premises Staff:

Mrs Redfearn, Mrs Ahmed and Miss Baillie 

Lunchtime Team:

Miss Lancake, Mrs France, Mrs Nichol, Mrs Chesters,  Miss Dean,  Mrs Ely, Mrs Seabright, Miss Wood, Miss Walmsley, Miss Reah, Miss Pownall, Mrs Core, Mrs Nottage and Mrs Carter

Kids Club Team:

Miss Lancake, Mrs Norgan, Miss Malone, Mrs France, Mrs Chesters, Mrs Seabright, Miss Walmsley and Miss Pownall