Statutory School Information

The information listed on this page is statutory information required by the Department for Education. Click on the links below to access each topic.

  1. School name, address, telephone number and contact details
  2. Admission arrangements: primary application, secondary application, policy guidance
  3. Most recent Ofsted report
  4. Key Stats and Self Evaluation Summary (% achieving expected standard or above in reading, writing & maths, phonics checks and EYFS data)
  5. Schools performance tables on
  6. For each year group - content of the curriculum for each subject. For KSI the names of phonics and reading schemes in use
  7. Behaviour policy
  8. Pupil premium grant for the current year including details of how it will be spent. Details of how last year's allocation was spent and the impact on attainment for those pupils for the whom the funding was allocated
  9. SEND Policy
  10. Charging & remissions policy
  11. School ethos & values
  12. P.E. Sports premium funding