Internet safety

Internet Safety and online

We place great emphasis on understanding the safe use of the internet. However, as we all recognise, the internet holds pitfalls for all our children that they need to learn how to safely navigate. Here at Poplar Street, we are dedicated to keeping our children as safe as possible by giving them the right skills and knowledge to make safe choices. To that end, we regularly build in to the curriculum refreshers for what they should do in specific circumstances.

Home Internet

Specifically for you as parents, we have listed the link below which sets out how to set parental controls on internet access. Though these controls are not perfect they will certainly help. You can also find here links to advice on YouTube and Google safesearch.

Parent Controls

The link below will take you to information on how to make Game Consoles and Handhelds such as IPods safer for your children too.

Game Consoles

Below you will find a copy of the schools internet safety policy and some links to websites that give advice to parents on how to keep their children safe whilst on the internet.


Please click on the links below to find information regarding social media, mobile apps and games that you may find useful.

Social media Mobile Apps

If you have any concerns in relation to this subject, please do not hesitate to contact school: