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At Poplar Street, we expect pupils to wear a school uniform. We do this for the following reasons:

  • it enables pupils to feel a part of school family/community
  • it is a cost-effective and practical way of dressing so that pupils comfortably access learning

Poplar Street’s uniform consists of:

Dark grey trousers or shorts, white or gold polo shirt, navy blue sweatshirt.

Dark grey skirt, pinafore or trousers, white or gold polo shirt, navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan, blue and white checked dress in summer.

Although we have a working relationship with a small number of uniform providers, we fully support parents’ right to purchase similar, unbadged uniform from any local retailer. Also, we run a uniform swap system throughout the year. This has proved to be very popular and enables parents to donate and acquire pre-loved uniform items.


Footwear should be suitable for school. Black shoes and low heels NOT trainers.


White nylon tee shirt, dark shorts, and trainers. Parents of lower school children are advised, where possible to provide velcro trainers rather than the lace up type. Please avoid the purchase of pumps as they offer little support to feet and ankles. All P.E clothes are to be kept in a pump bag (no large bags please, as there is no room in school to store them).


All items of jewellery should be left at home. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

Pierced ears

Only studs are acceptable at school and must be removed on the days when the child has P.E. Staff will NOT remove or replace earrings. Children must remove them themselves or they should be removed before coming to school.

Please ensure your child’s garments are named. This helps both children and staff to ensure your child comes home with their own uniform.

Sweat shirts, cardigans, polo shirts and books bags with the school Logo on are available from My Clothing.  My Clothing will donate 5% of sales to the school. Uniform is also available from Sallies uniform shop in Denton.