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Curriculum Content



The delivery of our curriculum is underpinned by our belief that it is for EVERY CHILD, EVERY LESSON EVERY DAY. We do this by fostering a love of learning and unlocking potential. It is important to us that we give great opportunities to all of our children. As a consequence of this, the curriculum at Poplar Street has been created to ensure that our children:

  • engage in their own independent learning in an exciting, challenging and creative way
  • apply their maths and English skills to continually raise standards
  • make links with the community around us through enterprise and collaborative learning events
  • work creatively in subjects such as drama, art, music and design technology
  • engage with the world around us by having regular educational visits and visitors
  • acquire and retain knowledge which forms the bedrock of what comes next
  • through spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning, grow and make choices that will allow them to become good citizens

Management of the Curriculum

At Poplar Street, we utilise teachers (including teams/other staff where appropriate) as subject co-ordinators, their role being to co-ordinate provision of a subject for the school. They are not expected to be experts in a particular subject or field, rather they will ensure targeted and meaningful professional development for staff, ensuring that resources and expertise are available so that the curriculum is effective in delivery of the above aims and from which our children can benefit.

Subject audits and statements of intention are reviewed annually for their relevance and effectiveness and associated action plans are updated termly by subject co-ordinators and monitored by the Curriculum Leads, Head teacher and Governors.


Long Term Plans:

Long term plan Nursery 2023-2024

Long term plan Reception 2023-24

Long term plan Year 1 – 2023-2024

Long term plan Year 2 2023-2024

Long term plan Year 3 – 2023 – 2024

Long term plan Year 4 – 2023 – 2024

Long term plan Year 5 – 2023 – 2024

Long term plan Year 6 – 2023-2024



Subject Progression Statements:


Art: EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Design Technology: EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Geography: EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

History: EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Latin: UKS2

Music: EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Physical Education (PE): EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE): EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Religious Education (RE): EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Science: EYFS;  KS1;  LKS2;  UKS2

Computing: LKS2;  UKS2


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